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Representation of St. Bernard in his office, sitting at his desk with a pen in his right hand. In the background, many books. His gaze lifted from the book, is lost in a distant point, outside the scene. "At first, he perceived a good smell in that room, but he had not understood where it cames from. He doesn't care: felt and enjoyed, and he would suffice.
Then he discovered: they were the books."
(F. Piccolo, Storie di primogeniti e di figli unici)

This library originated in 1984, as the Library for the Department of Electronic Engineering.

Since 1996 on, it has been renamed Information Technology Library. It now holds and serves all the bibliographical resources of:

  • University Department for IT, System and Production
  • University Department for Electronic Engineering (known as D.I.E.)

In 2012 the University Department for IT, System and Production is replaced with the

  • University Department for Civil Engineering and Information Engineering (known as D.I.C.I.I.)

The fields of specialization in this library for an Engineering course are:
Electronics, Management, Information and Telecommunications.

The bibliographical resources of the Faculty of Engineering in Tor Vergata are distributed among three locations:

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